Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm now selling some of my creations! Sort of...

As the title says I've decided to try and sell some of my creations through BrickLink's MOC shop, Link here: If you want to learn more about this quite frankly awesome website then visit the about page here:

The basic idea behind this is make some of my MOCs available to buy and make a bit of money in the process if indeed anyone does want to buy any of them. If I do make any money out of this then it would go straight into buying more LEGO pieces so I could build bigger and better MOCs to share with you guys.

Right now I only have one MOC up at the moment (That one up there ^^) however I do plan on adding more soon. The link to my MOCs on the BrickLink MOC shop is here: My MOCs And while your there if you want have a look around at some of the awesome MOCs that are on there too.

As always comments/suggestions are welcome and if there's a MOC that I've made that you would like to be on the MOC shop then feel free to comment below.

And that's all for now, Till next time.

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