Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The LEGO plan for 2015.

With it being the end of 2014 and tomorrow being 2015 I thought I'd talk about what I plan on doing next year so you all have an idea of what to expect on both of my blogs. This post is mainly going to be about my LEGO blog and I will do another post on my main blog talking about what I'm going to be doing over on that one as well.

As you may know I'm still in the process of building the B-25 that I started this year so that will be the main focus of the beginning of 2015 and hopefully I can get it finished in the first month or two. I will also be working on my Nebulon B Frigate on and off throughout next year but hopefully I can also get that finished first half of next year.

On to future projects the first MOC I plan on building after I finish my B-25 will be a Trophy Truck style vehicle that will be fully motorised and have all the usual functions on these sorts of vehicles. After that which shouldn't take to long (Hopefully...) I will be back building another aircraft. I haven't quite decided yet as to which particular aircraft to make but the two top candidates at the moment are either a P-47 Thunderbolt or a Tempest MKII.

One other small thing to mention is I do plan on adding more MOCs to the BrickLink MOC shop next year as well although I do need to actually come up with some ideas first but that's the plan at least.

Thats everything I have planned at the moment as the aircraft will probably be rather large and I may have to buy more pieces so that could slow progress down. On that subject I've been thinking about this for a while now and as you all may know one of the big reasons why it takes me so long to make these LEGO MOCs is that I find it difficult to afford the pieces to build them so if any of you would like to support me in the form of a donation then please do get in touch with me as it would help me out a lot. Anything would be very much appreciated and would help me build these MOCs faster and better.

I think that's everything I wanted to talk about so thanks for reading and have a happy New Year.

Thanks again. :)