Saturday, December 22, 2012

MOC: Second Chassis Experiment

Hello all. This is my second chassis experiment. I made this mainly to try and make live axles on both the front and the back which went fairly well. I also tried to do return-to-center steering which didn't go very well. Doesn't work overly well but for a first attempt i don't think it's to bad.  Also this is the first time I made a pair of seats from scratch instead of just using the ones from my 8437 Future Car.

A few of the problems with this model: the springs for the suspension are too soft and i don't have any harder springs so hence i used them, I don't think the drive train would be strong enough if there was a whole body on it and finally i ran out of pieces. hence I only made the front cabin.

As usual it's powered by a XL motor for drive, a M motor for the steering and it has the IR receiver and battery box. It also has a V12 engine and a front fan to cool the engine down. (Doesn't really need it, Just thought it would be cool.  ) I also had to nick the steering wheel from my 8110 Unimog as i don't have any spare ones. The tyres however i didn't take from my Unimog, i managed to get a spare set of 4 of them so now i have 8 Unimog tyres.  On with the pictures:

And a video of it:

And thats it. Hope you like it.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hello all. I post today a quick model that i built in about a week. It is inspired by the M1128 Mobile Gun System. It has six wheels four of which steer. It also has a movable gun turret. On with the pictures:

and a video of it's functions:

And thats it. I hope you like it. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

MOC: Racing Truck

Hello everyone. This is my latest MOC, A Racing Truck. It uses 1 PF XL motor for drive, 1 PF M motor for the steering and 1 battery box and 1 IR receiver. It has a working hood, working doors and a fake 4 cylinder engine with super charger. The suspension it uses is similar to the 8110 Unimog but they won't move like pendular suspension. They just go up and down. I only have one U-Joint so i had to improvise with the front suspension/steering. On with the pictures:

And a video of it:

And thats it. Hope you liked it.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

MOC: Chassis and body experiment

Hello all. This is my latest creation which is a bit of a experiment. First it was to try out a chassis design that i thought of. Then i added the body which was sort of a experiment too. It's powered by one PF XL motor for drive and one PF M motor for the steering. It also has pendular suspension on the front and rear and also has a fake inline 4 cylinder engine that is connected to the drive. It also has a differential on the rear axle. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking:

And a video of it working:

And thats it. hope you like it. as always questions and/or comments are welcome.