Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MOC: Technic B-25 Mitchell WIP Part 5

More progress has been made on the B-25 in the past week so here's what I've done.

This past week I tried to focus on the placement of the motors for the landing gear and the mechanism to connect them to the actual landing gear. I also added the two main beams where the wings are going attach to.

This is the motor for the landing gear on the wings.
This is the motor of the nose landing gear.
And as usual a picture of the over progress, I'll probably work on the tail section a bit more and get the battery box mounted as well this next week.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

MOC: Technic B-25 Mitchell WIP Part 4

I've managed to get a bit more work done on the B-25 over the past week so I thought I'd post another update on what I've done. First of I've done a bit of work on the control system so now the control stick has all it's outputs and I just need to connect them all to the control surfaces which will be done once I've actually made the control surfaces.

These two outputs are for the ailerons.
The other part I worked on was the tail. I replaced some of the 1x16 studded beams with 1x14 studded beams and started on the very beginnings of the tailplane.

And finally the overall progress I've made on the fuselage.

Monday, August 11, 2014

MOC: Technic B-25 Mitchell WIP Part 3

Just a quick update today as I haven't gotten much building done in the past week. I did a bit of work on the tail section and I think I've come up with a design that should be quite strong once it's finished. It's also now getting close to how long it's going to end up being once finished.

I have actually run out of 1x16 studded beams so I might replace some in the tail with 1x14 studded beams.
And thats it for this update. Hopefully I get a bit more building done this week.

Monday, August 4, 2014

MOC: Technic B-25 Mitchell WIP Part 2

I've done quite a bit of work on the B-25 so I thought I'd post another update and show what I've done since the first part. First up I replaced the left and right landing gear mechanism with a bit better design that should be a bit stronger and work a bit better.

This is actually the beginning of the right engine bay.
The landing gear mechanism is a bit easier to see on this side as it isn't built up as much.
The landing gear in the down position.

Next I built the control stick and peddle for the ailerons, elevator and rudder.

As you can see this is more compact than the control system I built for my Spitfire.

I've only added one peddle for the rudder as to try and fit two inside such a small area would
be difficult so I thought I'd go for just one to make it a bit easier. I've also added the front landing gear as well.

Lastly a couple of shots of the overall progress I've made.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

MOC: Technic B-25 Mitchell WIP Part 1

Well I finally started work on my next Technic aircraft, A B-25 Mitchell. It's going to be a similar size to my Technic Spitfire and mostly the same type of functions. The planned functions I have at the moment are:

  • Both engines powered by a PF XL motor each.
  • Working ailerons, elevator and rudder all controlled from the cockpit.
  • Working Landing gear powered by a PF M motor.
  • Working Landing flaps also powered by a PF M motor.
  • Working turrets.
I've so far built part of the left engine bay with the landing gear leg and the basic structure of the center of the main fuselage. First a couple of pictures of the engine bay:

Next up is the section of main fuselage I've built so far:

I'm not sure how long this MOC is going to take as I don't currently have all the pieces needed and affording them is going to be interesting to say the least but I will try and finish it before the end of the year hopefully.

And thats it for now, Hopefully I'll have another update for you around this time next week.

Monday, June 9, 2014

MOC: Technic Spitfire

Well it's been just over six months but I've finally finished my Technic Spitfire. This has been one of the largest and most time consuming builds I've done and I'm glad I've finally finished it to be honest. First a bit of info about it:

Wingspan: 90cm
length: 86cm
Propeller diameter: 29cm
Motorised Engine and Propeller.
Motorised Landing Gear.
Working Rudder, Elevator, and ailerons controlled from the cockpit.

Now we move on to the pictures. First up a few different view of it overall.

Next up a close up of all the functions and interesting bits.

A close up of the propeller so you can see the design a bit better. I'm quite pleased with how this turned out.

A close up of the engine and XL motor that drives the engine and propeller.
The final gear ratio is 5.001:1.

The left side is for the ailerons and the right side is the landing gear.

Close up of the M motor that powers the landing gear.

Close up of the control surface control system.

The tail section. This was a bit of a pain to get right.

The rear of the tail section.

The original way I did this was with gears but that made the Elevators way to loose so I came up with this instead.

A close up of the landing gear down.

A close up of inside the Cockpit.

A view from the cockpit as if you where sitting in it.
Next up a couple of pictures with the landing gear up.

Finally a video of all the functions.

And thats it. I hope you like it. :)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

MOC: Nebulon B frigate rendered in POV-Ray.

Hello all. Here is the latest progress of my Nebulon B frigate that i am making in MLCAD and rendering in POV-Ray. The first picture is the earliest version and the last picture is the latest version. Couldn't of guessed that one could you?:) On with the pictures. oh and i will be uploading higher resolution pictures soon and you will be able to find them through the link under these pictures.

From NBF

Here you can see i've done most of the rear engine section and most of the middle section as well.

From NBF

In this one i've added the basic shape of the front section as well as a bit more to the rear section.

From NBF

As you can see here i've done the top section of the front section.

From NBF

Finally we have the latest version of it. as you can see in i've done most of the front wing. It's just adding the rest of the detail now which is the hardest part. I'll be posting some more angles of it soon so look out for them. And thats it. Till next time.