Monday, January 20, 2014

MOC: Technic Spitfire WIP Part 4

Just a small update today. I've worked a bit more on the rear section where the elevators and rudder are going to go and I've added the tail wheel as well.

I've also done the landing gear. Hopefully It will stand up to the weight.

Landing gear up.
Landing gear down.
And finally the overall progress so far.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

MOC: Technic Spitfire WIP Part 3

Another update today. Been working on it quite a bit the past couple of days so I've got quite a bit done. First I added the main section of the tail and started work on the elevator and rudder section.

I've also changed the engine section quite a bit as well. With the M motor powering the engine and propeller it wasn't going as fast as I would have liked so I decided to swap out the M motor with a XL motor and gear it up a bit more. The speed is much better now. Also because of the extra power it has now I'm going to have to control it via the variable speed IR controller.

Finally a overall shot of my progress. Not sure where I'm going to put this when I've got the wings on.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

MOC: Technic Spitfire WIP Part 2

Got around to adding a bit more to this. I've added the main part of the control system in and strengthened the body a bit as well. The control system is a slightly modified version of the one I used in my Fully controllable Aeroplane. It works well enough so should be ok.

And here is a picture of my overall progress.

Friday, January 10, 2014

MOC: Technic Spitfire WIP Part 1

This is the beginning of my latest LEGO project, A motorised Technic Supermarine Spitfire. I'm going to try and pack as many functions into it as possible such as the rudder, elevator and ailerons all controlled from the cockpit, motorised engine (Also controlled from the cockpit) and working landing gear (Hopefully). Here's my progress so far.

As you can see I've done the very front section which also includes the engine. I still need to figure out how to attach the wings as well as how to do the landing gear. I'll leave you with a few more pictures: