Monday, November 28, 2011

AP8X SHR motorised dragster

Hello all. This is my latest moc. This was originally planned to be a normal car but kind of got out of control. It's motorised as the title would suggest. It has working steering, drive and has a adjustable rear spoiler. I also think that the colour coordination is one of the best i've done so far.

And thats it. Hope you like it. As always comments & suggestions are welcome.

Friday, November 11, 2011

MOC: The Shark assault ship.

Hello all. To day i bring you The Shark. Can you guess why i called it that? Yes that right because it looks like a shark. Inventive no? Anyway back to the moc. I built this moc along side another one i've done but i can remember which now. It just kind of came together, it was never really planned. aww... anyway on to the pictures:

And thats it. Hope you liked it and if you want to leave any comments about this or any of the other mocs i've posted here feel free to do so. Till next time.