Thursday, May 4, 2017

MOC: Technic H-24 Engine.

Hello again everyone.

Been a while since I last posted however I'm back with just a fairly small MOC this time, A Working H-24 Engine. Been meaning to post this for a while but only just got around to doing it, Not much to say about it really, It's a fairly simple design for a H-24 24 cylinder engine. For the most part it was inspired by the Napier Sabre engine although it's not a complete model of it as you can see, Just the actual core mechanical part, A generic H-24 engine I suppose. I have plans to put this into a MOC I'm planning on making at some point, Maybe when I finish the current one I'm working on. Anyway, on with the pictures:

I also made it in LDD so I would know how to rebuild it in the future.

A video of it being directly powered by a PF M motor.
The .lxf file can be downloaded from here if you want to see hows it's put together or anything:

Thanks for looking and I hope you liked it. :)

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