Tuesday, October 8, 2013

MOC: Unfinished TT inspired truck

Been a while since I've posted a new LEGO MOC but I finally got round to taking some pictures (And a video) of my latest one.

It has pendular suspension at the front but no suspension at the rear. It has working lights at the front and a working fake V12 engine mounted in the middle. It also has a two way gear box that either goes to the engine or to the back however it isn't actually connected to anything, now you see where the "Unfinished" part came from. As for the reason well I just ran out of pieces. It would have be cool to put my motorised railgun on there but I definitely don't have enough pieces for that.

The front suspension is from here:


Couldn't have made it without that suspension design. Thank you Sariel.  :)

On to the pictures:

And the video:

And thats it. Thanks for reading.

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