Friday, May 13, 2011

MOC: AP50 Battleship

Hello all. Here is another Lego MOC i am making in MLCAD and rendering in POV-Ray. The AP50 Battleship is a large warship that has 6 main guns and one beam turret at the rear. This is my current progress so far. The first picture is the earliest and the last is the latest. On with the pictures.

From AP50

Here you can see i've got the main body of it done as well as the bridge and front fuel tanks.

From AP50

Here i've added the two side engines and a few more details here and there.

From AP50

Finally here is the latest progress picture. As you can see i've added the rear fuel tanks as well as more detail to the front section and rear section. And thats it. Keep an eye out for more updates to this soon.

Till next time.

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